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First What we're all about.

We make automated omni-channel communications easy.

At Trace, we believe that solving the world's problems requires better communication. In particular, large organisations need better tools to communicate with their customers.

Our first product helps insurance companies communicate with their customers. Trace Studio reduces the upfront effort of designing automated, data-driven communications.

The Benefits

Second It's about you.

We're an Australian company, but you don't need to live here.

Be Challenged
Trace makes difficult things easy, which is hard. That's why we do it.

Work Remotely
Freedom from the commute — work where you work best.

Enjoy Life
Love your work, but also your family, friends, and hobbies.

No Rockstars
Be a part of a team that's more than the sum of its parts.

Our Openings

Third Who we need right now.

Hiring Engineering.

Solid Javascript developer

We're looking for a solid Javascript developer who gets a buzz out of building working systems that make a difference to real users, every day.

You'll work directly with the CEO (Daniel) and be our second hire. You'll gradually take ownership of the codebase. We'd look to you to make the right decisions to let the product grow.

Currently we use NodeJS, AWS, AngularJS and Bootstrap. Check out the job description if you'd like to know more.

To apply, shoot us an email to

Our Team

Fourth Who we are.

We are a team of two!

Daniel Studds CEO

Vikki Test Lead

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