Wanted: Solid Javascript developer

(No rockstars)

Trace Comms is a small Australian software company with great potential (we’ve just signed up a top-3 Aussie insurer!)

We’re looking for a solid Javascript developer who gets a buzz out of building working systems that make a difference to real users, every day. You’d be our second hire, and work directly with the CEO.

Be Challenged
Trace makes difficult things easy, which is hard. That's why we do it.

Work Remotely
Freedom from the commute — work where you work best.

Enjoy Life
Love your work, but also your family, friends, and hobbies.

No Rockstars
Be a part of a team that's more than the sum of its parts.

About you

Experience: You’ve got 2-4 years’ experience working on a large Javascript code base.

Clean code: You enjoy writing clean, clear, and well-tested code (bonus points if you’ve used Karma)

Modern web: You’ve used Angular, Ember, or similar. (We use Angular.)

About the role

You’ll work directly with the CEO (Daniel) and be our second hire. You’ll gradually take ownership of the codebase. We’d look to you to make the right decisions to let the product grow.

You’ll apply your skills as an engineer not only to write software, but also to improve the whole business. We see the business itself as a system - a system that can be optimised and tuned. We’d love your help with that, too!

The product

Trace Studio makes it easy for large companies with 1000s of frontline staff communicate clearly and consistently with millions of customers. Our customers use Trace Studio to write and manage their automated and semi-automated emails and letters.

Trace Studio is built using Angular and Breeze.js. You should be comfortable using Angular (or similar). Experience with Breeze is a plus, but not essential. We’ll take the time to bring you up to speed.

Since we’re a small team, you’d also need to get your hands dirty with the backend (Node.js), build system (Grunt) and deployments (Heroku). It doesn’t matter if you’re familiar with these particular technologies, so long as you’re willing to learn how they work, and confident that you can.

We’ve invested a lot of effort in the product, as well as our development tools and processes. We’re pretty proud of what we’ve done. There’s still room for improvement, though - and we want you to drive that improvement.

What we expect

Commitment to your craft: You want the job to be done right. You take every opportunity to develop your craft, and understand that it’s a journey, not a destination.

Commitment to the team: We succeed or fail as a team. You’re committed to doing what you can to make the team run well. You know it’s just as important to help others succeed as to succeed yourself.

What we offer you:

Salary: $75-100k/year inc. super (AUD)

Flexible location: Work from wherever you work best. We’ll cover the cost of a co-working space, or reasonable improvements to a home office.

Leave: 25 days annual leave, 1 month paid parental leave, standard sick leave.

Work week: A 30-40 hour work week (6-8 hours per day over 5 days).

European workation: Daniel splits his time between Melbourne and Belgium, so there’s the possibility of a European work-vacation (if you’re keen.)

About us

At Trace, we believe that solving the world’s problems requires better communication. In particular, large organisations need better tools to communicate with their customers.

Our first product helps insurance companies communicate with their customers. Trace Studio reduces the upfront effort of designing automated, data-driven communications.

We’ve just signed up a top-3 Australian insurer as our first customer. We’re now working to delight that first customer, and we’re confident they’ll be the first of many.

To apply, shoot us an email to jobs@tracecomms.com.

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